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short, fat, black, cisgendered, Unitarian Universalist, American dyke | mediafan & slasher

About me

I'm a fan of, mostly, but not exclusively, scripted live-action English language film and television. You can follow my fannish life on my journal, and most of my fannish projects are available on this website. I'm a media fan, so I like to analyze (write meta and reviews) and critique (write fanfiction and make icons) about the television shows I watch.

The shows I like are speculative fiction, procedurals, and that variety of reality show which is like an extended job interview. The shows I like also have major female characters, queer characters, and characters of color.

I'm a slasher, which means I really enjoy reading, writing, and speculating that characters are in same-gender sexual or romantic relationships, without regard to what's depicted in the official canon of a show. Most of the time, the characters I slash are intimates — friends, partners, cherished enemies — but sometimes they're just pretty together. I also like it quite a bit when I see a threesome in a tv show, not just a couple.

When I'm not thinking about the love lives of fictional characters, I'm interested in free software and free culture: Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Dreamwidth, An Archive of Our Own. I'm also interested in religion, moral development, and social justice. Recently, I joined my local Unitarian Universalist church, in hopes of pursuing all three of those things.

A few useful facts

A Brief Fannish Biography

I went to college in the fall of 1995, and I got introduced to e-mail, newsgroups, IRC, and the Web. (In 1995, these were all distinctly different things.) I posted a little to the polyamory listserv and the Valdemar listserv, and I played around on the old SciFi message boards in a proto-roleplaying game.

In the fall of 96, I got a crush on this girl who was really into The X Files, which is a show that I had liked before I got to college, but which I liked more now that there was a girl.

My junior year I was in France, and I had my mom mail me tapes of the X Files, so I could keep up.

In late 97 or early 98, I glanced through NASA/Trek in a bookstore in Oxford, England, and was extremely excited to think of Star Trek combined with sex.

When I got back to an Internet connection, I looked up first TOS and then DS9 slash, but I didn't see what I wanted. Naturally, I turned to the X Files fandom, and became a die-hard Mulder/Skinner fan.

I didn't really write fanfiction, but X Files was a rough fandom to grow up in, and I've still got an argumentative, deliberate, blitzkrieg style of writing meta.

After that I eventually: got a website, then a blog, then a LiveJournal, then a Dreamwidth; attended cons, spoke at panels, ran panels; wrote some fanfiction, participated in challenges, ran some challenges; and made some friends and a couple of girlfriends through fandom.

I'm not going to bother listing my current fandoms, but the fandoms that have stuck with my heart are Star Trek, Farscape, and Law & Order. The fandoms for which I've written the most fic are Leverage, *NSYNC, and Grey's Anatomy. I do not know, but I suspect I wrote more meta for Smallville than anything else. And, a lot of times, I feel like I'm more a fan of fandom than any one particular tv show.

Some of the people who have been important to my fannish history: Kerguelen, Aiobheann, Willow/The Willow/WitchWillow, and LaTXCVI. Thanks, you guys!